Thursday, July 31, 2008

LaPorte County in the News

In other business from Michigan City News Dispatch

• Financial consultant Karl Cender updated the council with a preliminary report on the impact of new property tax caps. Cender said that although the new law may help property owners, it will leave a provisional shortfall for local governments, although in the first year the shortfall will not be serious. The council paid Cender $25,000.

Call or email today if you need a similar quick impact study of the effect of HB 1001 on your municipal or public sector budgets in the next couple years.

Municipal Finance and Bond Consultant Website

We've decided to build our new website one small piece at a time, with the input and assistance of our key current and future customers.

If you are a public sector leader, bond counsel, elected municipal or county level official or employee in a city, town, township or county ... we want your input. How can we make this site work "for" you, to help you with tough decision, to provide assistance and information?

Check out the starting page and then comment or email us with your thoughts, we really do want to build the best municipal finance, planning, and budgeting platform for Indiana municipalities that is possible.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cender and Company - in the news

Porter, Indiana

Our team has worked with the Town of Porter Indiana for quite some time and recently completed a utility rate study for the Town. Here's the NWI Times article featuring Cender and Company as Utility Rate Study Consultant.

We are proud to work with such a great community.

Cender and Company - Where are we?

Online locations so far - a continuing and growing project to network online and grow the online presence of our company.

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Cender and Company on Wordpress blog

This project is being conducted by Green Pointe Partners as an ongoing part of our business development campaign for Cender and Company. For assistance in growing your online media relations, Search Engine Optimization, or other public relations contact them directly.

First Blog Post - Municipal Consultant

Cender and Company is a municipal finance and planning consultant based in Northwest Indiana handling consulting for Cities and Towns all over the midwest.

We provide bond consulting, budget analysis and presentations, fiscal impact studies, utility rate studies, and a whole host of services for Indiana Cities and Towns. Are you worried about the affect of HB 1001 on your property tax rates or collections, then we can help you plan and prepare.

Our team of expert consultants will be chronicled here on this blog, as well as resumes and sample projects will be featured on our company website. We welcome a new challenge and because of this tendency, we get called when the "big firms" can't fit the problem into their pre-packaged services.

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