Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ideas for public sector management today

Thought we'd post some of the articles we're reading on public sector (municipal finance) management today:

Could technology be the single best place for big budget savings for Indiana cities and towns?

We'd love to hear some best uses and benchmarks, who's using technology right now to save money in the delivery of government services?

The first wave of social and new media is rippling onto government shores, are you using social media in your municipal public sector organization? What are the results and best practices?

The 2010 data, released in September, shows that technology used by state governments is more consolidated than ever. In 2004, 46 percent of states said their technology systems were highly decentralized, with individual agencies operating their own -- sometimes duplicative -- systems. Only about 20 percent considered themselves highly consolidated. This year, those figures are reversed, with 42 percent viewing themselves as mostly consolidated and 21 percent predominantly decentralized.

How are you consolidating and providing more efficiency in IT in your organization?